Chin Up, Always Up

Today’s political news wore me out. That’s happened a lot in 2017, but today miraculously delivered a whole other set of devastating blows. I’ve been struggling through much of the afternoon and evening to figure out which of the frivolous topics I favor would be appropriate for this space, and I’ve got nothing.

So I cede my little corner of the digital world tonight to a fellow with a fine message and, for me, a familiar last name

Programming Note

This week has been exhausting and exhilarating in equal measure. And I’ve barely progressed into the week as I write this. (Super secret DVD commentary back story: this post was not written on Thursday!) I am still figuring out how to balance my new vocation with the modest and yet relentless demands of Coffee for Two. (Note: I’m aware that the relentless aspect is is entirely self-imposed.)

As I continue the extended process of figuring out how to balance all of this, I may cheat a bit. Here’s a cheat, but, I think, a worthwhile one. I want to use my digital space to preserve this story, first shared with me secondhand by someone who captured its nuances with remarkable accuracy. What can I say? I’ve got about dozen friends who this story is so suited for, I’d swear there was some sort of narrative genetic engineering going on.

Clear blue holds its breath

For some indiscernible reason, today’s date is weighing on me a little more heavily than in past years. I think the pervasive attempts to use the ever-distancing tragedy of that 2001 day to prop up political agendas and inspire cheap shots against the other side have simply done me in this year. It’s worth noting that the disheartening spectacle is coming from all parts of the political spectrum, even from those I consider fairly closely aligned with my own views on the issues of the day.

With that in mind, I’ll just yield the space to a track from what remains my favorite piece of art that responded to that terrible day. Some day we will look back at One Beat as the last great protest album. Hell, maybe that day is today.