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La La Lapse: The Do-Over Oscars

  Going into last night’s Academy Awards ceremony, I thought there was a good chance we’d all see something historic. But I surely never believed I would anything like that in my lifetime of devoted Oscar-watching. By now, even those

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From the Archive: My Ballot, 2006

The other day, I provide my list of the twenty performances from 2016 films that I would have submitted on an Oscar ballot had I been given the opportunity to do so. This is an exercise is wishcasting that I

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Twenty Performances, or The Folly of Working Without Annette

As per tradition, I follow my countdown of the top ten films of the year by turning my attention to the acting that most enthralled me while the previous calendar was still tacked to the wall. The guidelines I set

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Well, La La-Di-Da: Reflections on the Oscar Nominations

Here’s the sad truth about the set of actors who comprised last year’s set of Oscar nominees, stirring the Oscars So White hashtag lament: it was less a reflection of Academy voters’ collective prejudice and more an ailment brought on

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At least the Oscars still have a capacity to surprise. Thankfully, those surprises sometimes mean they’re moving in the right direction, that there’s a prevailing need to try and get it right, to make certain that the sheen remains on

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Twenty Performances, or Infinite Best

Following tradition, the epilogue to the countdown of the top films of the year brings me to a consideration of the most exemplary acting performances of the same span of time. If I’d been in possession of one of Actors

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We skipped the light fandango, turned cartwheels ‘cross the floor

Hey, as long as the Academy keeps delivering these melanin-challenged rosters of acting nominees, I’m going to keep drawing from “A Whiter Shade of Pale” to headline my reaction posts. I’ll concede that this is something of a case of

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