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My Writers: John Skipp & Craig Spector

I was a skittish kid, even a bit of a fearful kid. The mere idea of engaging with something scary — a book, a movie, or a television show squarely in the horror genre — made me preemptively woozy. Once

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My Writers: Tom Stoppard

There are writers who leave me dumbfounded, so thoroughly dazzled by their inventiveness and command of language that I can’t help but speculate on what it must be like within the interconnected passages of their brain. I make no claim

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My Writers: Joss Whedon

I was dismissive of Joss Whedon at first, needlessly so. And I probably should have known better. My first exposure — knowingly anyway — to Whedon’s writing was with the 1992 film Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which arrived with the

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My Writers: T.C. Boyle

My affection for books — not just the illuminating wonders of the printed word, but the appeal of smartly designed artifacts of literature — has sometimes led me to find certain titles absolutely irresistible. I had a few motivations leading me to purchase

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My Writers: Kelly Sue DeConnick

  I possess no inside information about how Marvel Studios executives land on the characters that will move from the comic book page to the big screen, but I am totally convinced that there would be no Captain Marvel movie in the

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My Writers: Malcolm Gladwell

Back in the rough and tumble days before the vast digital landscape was scored with roadways to full archives of certain publications, I used to devote thought and energy to tearing pages out of magazine. Our filing cabinet had a folder

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My Writers: John Grisham

Let’s be real. When I return to this recurring feature, plucking a new author from the misty library of the already read that resides in my brain, I usually opt for a wordsmith who will confer some amount of coolness

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