Every other day is like a kick in the shin, every other day is like the day just wins

I have a decidedly busy week at work, which is severely compromising my ability to write new original content for my little corner of the digital world. In an effort to make sure that there’s something here today (but not something that’s quite as much of a defeated punt as yesterday’s silliness), here’s some random bits and pieces that have been accumulating in my already overburdened computer memory.

First of all, there’s this image I pulled from the Alexander Payne film About Schmidt back when I was hunting for the perfect shot to accompany my review of it in counting down the top films of the 00s.

I found it amusing that the movie theater marquee in the town Jack Nicholson’s Warren Schmidt drives his RV through was showing Sideways, the film that Payne would make as a follow up to About Schmidt. That amusement didn’t necessarily mean I’d find a way to use that image over the course of the next year-and-a-half of blog posts, so you get it now.

Then there’s this beauty–

–which I found on another website. I don’t think I’m ambitious enough to write the diatribe about how much better movie posters could be that this image naturally inspires, so I’ll simply share it here now.

Further symbolic closet cleaning yields this unsettling fellow:

That’s a throwaway detail from an old Captain America comic book created by Jack Kirby, which was lovingly recounted by a blogger who understandably noted how much the image freaked him out. He chose to use all caps in describing that sensation, and who can blame him. Regardless, I pulled out my favorite detail from the page. I think I was initially planning to use it as a Facebook profile image, but I think my current choice to fulfill that duty has caused enough dismay to my collected friends. I should find something a little less creepy to serve as my next avatar.

That should suffice for now, but I’ll also share one of the Tweets I sent yesterday.

That is a promise from me to you about what will be in this space tomorrow. I will not experience similar disappointment tomorrow.