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From the Archive: Dreamgirls

The proper way for me to raid my own writing history to align with the major release this weekend entails unearthing my original radio review for the animated classic Beauty and the Beast, from 1991. I did write one at

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From the Archive: My Ballot, 2006

The other day, I provide my list of the twenty performances from 2016 films that I would have submitted on an Oscar ballot had I been given the opportunity to do so. This is an exercise is wishcasting that I

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From the Archive: The Departed

I haven’t done the math, but I’d confidently wager that there’s no other director about whom I’ve written more often and more enthusiastically than Martin Scorsese. The movie review radio program I co-hosted and co-produced debuted in the fall of

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From the Archive: Top Ten Movies of 2006

Recent weeks have seen an online avalanche of top ten lists from movie critics of all stripes. I live in the frigid north, however, and it takes certain cinematic offerings a little longer to fight their way through the sleet and

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From the Archive: Wordplay

This was written for my former digital home. That’s about all I have to add this week.  The new documentary Wordplay is strongest in the final section, when its focus remains fixed on the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament held annually

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From the Archive: Cars

Such a long day today, leaving me nothing pithy to add about the review plucked from my former online home, I’m afraid. Watching a new Pixar movie in the theater is a little like the same experience with a Disney

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From the Archive: The Good Shepherd

The late career of Robert De Niro has been an odd one, an almost entirely unexpected procession of choices from an actor who once intimidated everyone. There certainly aren’t an abundance of meaty roles for a guy in his seventies,

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