Beers I Have Known — Half Acre Beer Company Daisy Cutter Pale Ale

This series of posts is dedicated to the many, many six packs, pony kegs and pints that have sauntered into my life at one point or another.

daisy cutter

In my neck of the nation, we’re accustomed to winter holding on with a fierce tenacity. This year has delivered a strange and unique experience as frigid temperatures and hefty snowstorms hung around so long that they seemed to basically crowd out the entire season of spring. Not long after the middle of the state was hit by a historic blizzard, the thermometer spiked upward. Now, in the beginning of May, it feels like the height of summer.

And the shift in the weather means a shift in the chilly brews pulled out of the fridge. I will admit my choice for the beer that tastes best when sipped under the high sun changes with the fickleness of schoolyard crushes. It’s early, of course, but oddsmakers should put even money on this year belonging to Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, one of the chief offerings of Chicago’s Half Acre Beer Company. Crisp, lovely, and dense with flavor, it’s near-perfection in a can.

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