After I graduated from college and was underway with the slow, sad process of detaching from the student-run radio station, I did the best I could to compensate for no daily exposure to the waterfall of new music that came through the doors. After initially insisting my break would be clean, I eventually signed up for a weekly on-air shift as a community volunteer, and I scoured music magazines with the intensity of a conspiracy theorist looking for the clue that would bring down the menacing shadow government. When I found a song that I believed had similar stuff to the saturation singles that defined my collegiate experience, I fell for it hard.

I was predisposed to like the Soup Dragons when their album Hydrophonic arrived in the spring of 1994. Tracks from their preceding albums loomed large in the playlist that circled endlessly in my memory. So I was prepared to pay attention. Even so, I don’t think I was totally a needy sucker when I decided “One Way Street,” the lead single off of Hydrophonic, was a great song. Adopting a glammy, Stones-styled vibe that I didn’t particularly associate with their earlier music, the track was propulsive and slinky at the same time. In the scruffy comfort of my home, I played the song with the same joyful repetition I might have employed were I still living a life of near-daily radio shifts.

In my recollection, the kids down the road at my former broadcast home didn’t agree with my assessment, or at least they didn’t express consensus on the charts they now set. Hydrophonic and “One Way Street” didn’t do much there. It seemed the Soup Dragons were old news to them. They wanted to find their own bands to champion. And that’s exactly the way it should have been.

Listen or download –> The Soup Dragons, “One Way Street”

(Disclaimer: I haven’t checked to see if Hydrophonic is currently in print as a physical object that can be procured from your favorite local, independently-owned record store. Nor do I know if this track ended up on a compilation that might make it available in a similar fashion. If there are Soup Dragons releases available in a manner that provides proper compensation to both the artist and the proprietor of the aforementioned brick-and-mortar business, let the sharing of this track to be urging to go out and engage in some commerce rather than a cause to circumvent it. This is a sample, not a replacement. I can attest that every one of the five albums from the Soup Dragons makes for fine summer listening. Although I stand by the preceding sentences, I do know the rules. I will gladly and promptly remove this file from my little corner of the digital world if asked to do so by any individual or entity with due authority to make such a request.)

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