Sometimes comedy illuminates hard truths with a pointed urgency that other means can’t quite achieve. Sometimes comedy is just funny. This series of posts is mostly about the former instances, but the latter is valuable, too.


On this day that has been dominated by continuing discussions of the U.S. president elect’s infantile anger towards one of the undisputed heroes of the Civil Rights Movement and celebrity imbeciles offering condescending lectures on proper social discourse, I was reminded on one of Larry Wilmore’s more inspired contributions back in the day he was the “Senior Black Correspondent” on The Daily Show. And that was before I tuned into the PBS NewsHour saw a human disaster claiming allegiance to King’s views as a justification for an attack on the politics of Barack Obama.

We’ve got a rough four years ahead of us, friends.

Previous entries in this series can be found by clicking on the “Laughing Matters” tag.


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