Thanks to the bends of the calendar, it’s been a couple years since Halloween has fallen on a day that this digital space didn’t have regularly scheduled programming. It’s time to revive an old tradition.

These are things that have scared me….


Yes, there’s a Stephen King entry. There’s always a Stephen King entry. That’s how I once rolled. “The Mangler” is an exceedingly silly short story. I know that. I knew that at the time I read it. And yet this tale of a demonically possessed industrial laundry press left me highly rattled when I first read it, probably because I was just a kid, reading it as the only person awake in a cabin — albeit a not all that isolated or spooky of a cabin — my family had tented for a week up in Northern Wisconsin. There was just something about King’s conveyed conviction that this blood-thirsty machine couldn’t be stopped that had me worried it was going to splinter the door to my room at any moment.


I know I was taken to see Bambi when it was rereleased in 1975, which means I was four or five years old. I remember practically nothing about the film, except for being freaked the hell out by the forest fire scene. I’d say there’s a better than average chance I was awkwardly escorted out the theater by embarrassed family members before the film reached its official end.


The Blair Witch Project needs to pay for the sins of launching an endless procession of “found footage” horror films. That’s just. What’s not fair is the way it the long backlash the film has endured in reaction to the out of the control hype upon its 1999 release. It’s terrifically clever, especially in its ability to make stacked stones, rough assemblages of sticks, and — most effective– a figure standing silently in the corner of a basement deeply unsettling.

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