Yesterday’s wistful remembrance of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe put me in mind of a long-lost feature ’round these here digital parts. So, for the first time in nearly seven years (!), we turn to the task of cataloging the many inventions in one of the great scientific minds (albeit a fictional one, but let’s not hold that against him).

I bring you the senses-shattering return of:


The inventions in this entry are utilized in Fantastic Four #61 (April 1967), by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

ff 61 1.jpg

ATOM IGNITER. This formidable, state-of-the-art weapon delivers a powerful ray, evidently through an acceleration of atoms that reaches a point that replicates setting them ablaze. Though some who’ve observed the device up close might be tempted to believe it is prone to faulty ignition with no prompting, Dr. Richards insists that can only occur if the device is manipulated by outside forces.

ff 61 2.jpg

REMOTE-CONTROL GRAVI-POLARIZERS. These small semi-circle devices, equipped with antennae so they can be operated remotely, affix to any figure and reverse gravity in order to lift it into the air. From there, it can rotate the figure with a tremendous centrifugal force. It is not advised as a tool to be used on living beings as it can reach extremely dangerous speeds.

ff 61 3.jpg

SPACE TIME CHAMBER. Richards initially chose to keep this invention top secret, undoubtedly because it harnessed enough power to level the entire city. The machine is also somewhat delicate, prone to unleashing its forces if overly jostled. When negative forces escapes the device, it does so as telltale glowing spectrum beams.


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