It is now a longstanding tradition that the Friday that ushers in the annual staging of the World’s Largest Trivia Contest by my broadcasting alma mater, WWSP-FM, is a day on which I post a version of “Come On Eileen.” As everyone knows, it is the official theme song of the Trivia team I play on. Really, everyone knows it, even Wikipedia:

But the thought of hunting down a new take of this familiar song seems pointless to me when I already have a favorite cover version. This is my friend Mollie:


She’s fantastic in countless ways. I could provide specifics, but I’m certain she’d prefer I refrain. For context, it is important to note that she’s a supremely talented musician with a lush, lovely singing voice. Go spend some quality time on her YouTube channel. You’ll see that I’m correct in that assessment. Two years ago, she was kind enough to record this song for me. I posted it at that time, and then I posted it again last year. And here we are once more.

There are dozens of reasons, many of them probably obvious, while I love this particular cover. At the pinnacle is the levels of friendship and affection that I draw from Mollie’s voice. That’s what this weekend means to me: friendship in its purest, most reviving form. And this cover also gives me a reminder of one of my most valued friendships outside of my joyfully boisterous question-answering crew. Thank you again, Mollie.

Listen or download –> Mollie Donihe, “Come On Eileen (Cover)”

(Disclaimer: As I noted, I’m going to keep posting this every April, at least until Mollie tells me not to. For real, go to her YouTune channel and luxuriate in the music. She can also be found on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Some of the music is for sale, so think about sending a few dollars her way. She’s about to graduate college and head out into the mean ol’ world. I’m sure she can make good use of the funds.)

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