I am still adjusting in my return to my native state of Wisconsin. Certainly spending a day indulging in gluttony while the wind blew briskly outside was a helpful reminder of the cultural terrain of the dairyland to which I’ve boomeranged, especially since we managed to place ourselves within a restaurant that is most accurately reviewed with the phrase “Lots of meat!” There were plenty of things giving me that seems-like-old-times feeling yesterday, from a glass of beer at The Great Dane to Brett Favre in Lambeau Field. And then there’s the blaze orange I’ve seen out an about the past couple weeks, a handy reminder that the real holiday in this state at this time of year is deer season. Living in this state requires at least a little bit of affection for venison. One might even name their punk band after it.

Though Venison was still a going concern the last time I lived in Wisconsin’s state capital, I’ll admit that I wasn’t familiar with them back then (or at least don’t remember them from that overstuffed era of my life). It was only recently that I had cause to learn about them, as part of the most recently completed College Countdown. Fortuitously, the post that required some research into the nineties-era Wisconsin band came out just as the whirlwind of pending move was spinning to life, my brain only beginning the process of wrapping around the significant change that would somehow feel oh so familiar. As if offering a comforting mosh pit press of reassurance, here came a punk band bounding out of my modest speakers, snarl-singing about toiling in Wisconsin. The song “Forward,” an immediate favorite, even borrowed the state motto. Just like that, I had a much-needed anthem. “Cuz in Wisconsin, we say, ‘Forward.'” Sounds right to me.

Listen or download –>  Venison, “Forward”

(Disclaimer: As best as I can tell, the Venison album Hate is no longer in print as a physical object that can be procured from your favorite local, independently-owned record store in a manner that compensates both the proprietor of said store and the original artist. Some of the band’s music does seem to be available digitally, so please take the sharing of this track as impetus and encouragement to go and snap some of it up. Hell, the sound quality on this transfer isn’t so hot, which should be additional enticement to find some more material on your own. But go to the record store today. There’s good stuff there, and they need your dollars more than the Walton family.)

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