I’ll admit to feeling fairly discombobulated today. While this is hardly the place to get into details, it’s been a strange day. Thus, I’m going to refrain from expounding at verbose length on today’s musical offering. Let’s just say I felt especially compelled to revisit this Atlanta band, previously featured in this space just about a year ago. It’s good stuff, friends.

Listen or download –> The Swimming Pool Q’s, “Laredo Radio”

(Disclaimer: This song originally appears on Blue Tomorrow, the 1986 album by the Swimming Pool Q’s. That’s out of print. It was also included on a Kickstarter-funded reissue/compilation a couple years ago. I believe that’s also out of print. By all means, head to the band’s website and figure out ways you can hear more of their money, maybe putting a few nickels in their collective pocket in the process. I will gladly and promptly remove this song from my humble little corner of the interweb if asked to do so by any individual or entity with due authority to make such a request.)

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