kimya peewee

This is a extremely busy time for me at work. Not only am I basically in charge of the fast approaching graduation ceremony at the small, liberal arts college that cuts me a monthly paycheck, but the biggest program of the year, a spectacle we simply call Circus, takes place this weekend and has been properly exhausting me during the extensive lead-up to it. Plus, next week we’re bringing the extraordinary Nikki Giovanni to campus, and I’ve got a lot of heavy lifting associated with that event. I barely have time to blink, much less tap out a little flurry of words in this space, so forgive me if this is especially brief.

And in the midst of all this a rumor has sprung up that Kimya Dawson will be playing on our campus — in our modest, student-run coffeehouse, no less — on Monday night. I mean, there’s no way I’d be that insane, right? To book a performer who was the central draw on a soundtrack that topped the Billboard album charts just a few years ago for what is sure to be a crazily crowded show in a dinky campus space just two days after the completion of a program that, quite frankly, I could use a week of rest to recover from? Sure, there are some flyers on campus that sort of imply a Kimya Dawson show happening on Monday night, but that promotional item is cryptic enough that it could mean a variety of things.

Anyway, I really need to begin my day, but a little dose of Dawson does sound nice for right this moment.

Listen or download –> Kimya Dawson, “I Like Giants (live)”

(Disclaimer: Okay, as I noted, I’m a little frantic right now. I believe the song above is a live recording that’s not available on a release for purchase, at least not one that’s able to be procured through your favorite local, independently-owned record store. It is featured in its original form on the album Remember That I Love You, which comes highly recommended and can surely be purchased. Go to the store today and do so! I share this here in the hope and belief that it is doing no fiscal harm to the artist or those other entities who get a little change when some of Dawson’s music is sold. I will gladly and promptly remove it if asked to do so by any individual or entity with due authority to make such a request. I guess I could always just ask Dawson if it’s okay when Monday night rolls around.)

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