My Trivia team has a theme song. We even have a outside source to confirm it:

Okay, so that Wikipedia edit is long gone, but I swear it was accurate. Since that song holds a special hold on me and my cohorts, a version of it is shared in this space on the Friday on the day The Only Trivia Contest That Matters (my phrasing) kicks off. For years, I scoured the web for covers or other alternate takes that existed so I had something to put in this space without sharing the original, chart-topping recording. Then last year I got smart and realized that I knew someone who could provide a better take on “Come On Eileen” than, well, just about any other act I could call to mind.


My friend Mollie Donihe is amazingly talented and generally first-rate in every way. She’s also real good with that geetar. So I put in a request. The track she delivered exceeded my high expectations. The original Dexys Midnight Runners recording has a pull on me that is almost Pavlovian, but I can think I can still honestly say that this version of “Come On Eileen” is my favorite. And I’m not alone in thinking it’s a sensational entryway into all of Mollie’s music, including a bevy of outstanding originals. Explore away — I think YouTube and Bandcamp are your best bets — and do think about supporting the artist by purchasing one of the EPs.

Thanks again, Mollie. For everything.

Listen or download –> Mollie Donihe, “Come On Eileen (Cover)”

(Disclaimer: Mollie already told me it was all right to share this, though she didn’t know I was going to share it again. So we’ll see how much trouble I’m in for that when I get back to work. Better drag my heels on making that return. Seriously, go to those links above and acquaint yourself with the rest of Mollie’s music. You won’t regret it.)

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