One for Friday: Hot Chip, “One Life Stand”


When this post goes up, I will be in a cart pointed southward, heading back to a state I once thought I’d abandoned forever. (Well, I didn’t really think that, but Im pleased to have an opportunity to link to that animated gif again). There’s good reason to cross into that land of ridiculousness, though. We have two great friends who are getting married, the blessed members of a sudden, surprising, and yet totally logical love affair, the sort of out of the blue announcement that prompts happy replies of “Well, of course.”

Shortly after the wedding was announced and my household was lucky enough to be invited, my iPod was kind enough to shuffle up “One Life Stand,” the title cut to Hot Chip’s 2010 album. It immediately locked in for me as their song, the disco exuberance and happy wordplay striking me as the perfect accompaniment to their joyful leap toward a permanent pairing, intertwined for as long as the they both shall live. This song has been bounding through my head ever since. I don’t even know if they like this particular song (they definitely know it, because at least one half of this couple knows all the songs), but I know that is affixed to my well wishes to them like glitter to glossy cheeks after a long night at the club.

Congratulations, Billy. Congratulations, Tony. Raise those glasses high.

Listen or download –> Hot Chip, “One Life Stand”

(Disclaimer: I’m breaking a cardinal rule of this feature by using a song that I’m quite certain is readily available for purchase from your favorite local, independently-owned record store. In this instance, I really don’t care. I can’t do anything else today. I will probably remove this track of my own accord before too long, but I will gladly and promptly do so sooner if asked to take such an action by any individual or entity with due authority to make that particular request. In the meantime, I urge anyone reading who doesn’t own this record to procure it from said record shop. Barring that, you could always make a stranger very happy and get him a wedding gift in the form of a generous gift certificate from a wondrous central Wisconsin record store. Just indicate the gift should be set aside for Phantom Third Channel. The proprietor of the shop will know what to do. The newlywed will be able to collect it in April.)