One for Friday: See Dick Run, “Boy Meets Girl”

And now we come to one of those instances in which I can’t quite believe the song hasn’t been featured previously in this weekly space. I’m sure I had a reason, perhaps because it seems like it may be available for digital purchase. Or maybe I once found that the band was still selling copies directly, a surprisingly common occurrence with small-scale acts that I would otherwise love to celebrate with a “One for Friday” post (and may yet do someday, if only to direct people towards buying a full release). Today, I share one of the most wonderful gems that was nestled in the 90FM C-Stacks during my time at the college radio station.

See Dick Run was a band out of Detroit that released the exuberant, delightful album Whack!! Ding!!! in 1989. (I double checked the exclamation point count on the album cover.) As I remember, it wasn’t necessarily a huge hit at our station (there was a lot of first rate material to compete with that year), but a certain subsection of the staff kept returning to the record, knowing full well the gold contained within it. More than any other track, it was “Boy Meets Girl” that we played. Certainly I and my fellow moonstruck guy pals could relate — maybe even over-relate — to the song’s tale of falling head over heels with the pretty girl who lives next door. Even more, we fully understood the song’s tragicomic punchline of the pretty girl moving away, leaving the boy to fickly pine for the possibility that “another pretty girl will move in.”

I’ve previously typed the praises of the bygone blog Little Hits. “Boy Meets Girl” is my quintessential personal Little Hit: a song that stir up a potent mixture of joy and nostalgia in me, all the while every note imprinted in my memory as deeply as the most ubiquitous chart-toppers of my youth. It’s not that it’s a song that should have been a hit. It’s that it’s a song that plainly is a hit to me, residing in the exact same space in my heart and mind.

Listen or download –> See Dick Run, “Boy Meets Girl” (I’ve taken down this MP3 because See Dick Run’s lead singer, Jim Edwards, informed me in the comments that their music will soon be available for online purchase. Seek it out and give those fine people some financial support.)

(Disclaimer: As noted in the first paragraph, I think there may be some reason that I haven’t shared this previously, some way posting the song violates one of my rules. You know, like the one about only sharing a song if I believe it can’t be purchased from your favorite local, independently-owned record store in a way that duly compensates both the store proprietor and the artist. Digital purchases don’t count unless I’m completely confident that the artist isn’t getting bypassed to fill the pockets of all the entities in between them and the music-buyer. My roughly conducted research today indicates this song is fair game to share under the admittedly shaky rules I’ve concocted. Still, I will gladly remove the track from this corner of the digital universe if asked to do by any individual or entity with due authority to make such a request.)