One for Friday: Firewater, “She’s the Mistake”

I’ve featured a selection from Firewater’s Psychopharmacology one before in this space. As I noted at the time, the album was one of the first I bought from the finest local, independently-owned record store in my new hometown at the time. Even though I owned it and it was circulated through my CD player with some regularity, I was still reminded of the way that being involved in a college radio station had the blessing of prolonged, collaborative discovery.

The Firewater album did all right for us, with most deejays (myself included) gravitating to the snaky, catchy title cut. Then one night I was listening to a favorite student deejay who’d already won my eternal favor by playing a certain Replacements track when I first journeyed southward to interview for the advisor position I eventually nabbed. She bypassed the track that everyone else was stuck on an instead found “She’s the Mistake,” an oozing ballad that nicely captures the gloomy seduction of dangerous romantic instincts, cutting the goth shading with tinkling undercurrents that could have been plunked out on a toy instrument. Opening the mic immediately afterward, she made it very clear that she knew she’d found the best song on the album. And she was right.

It’s probably also worth noting that this is one of those songs that I wish I could rearrange on the time spectrum to put it in my hands and earholes around ten years earlier than the point when it was released. By the time “She’s the Mistake” came out, the sort of tragic heart-haunting it describes was in my past, though I could still remember it well enough to help the song work on a deeper level. Still, I could have used it on one of those late night radio shifts back when I was hovering around the age of twenty and I used the last set of my weekly shift to gush cynical romanticism (or romantic cynicism) out over the airwaves.

Listen or download –> Firewater, “She’s the Mistake”

(Disclaimer: It appears to me that Psychopharmacology is out of print, at least as a physical item that can be purchased at the sort of local, independently-owned record store cited above. I share this song, therefore, not to swipe money from rightful beneficiaries of commerce that would result from the legal purchase of it, but with the understanding, hopefully not mistaken, that it is unavailable through other means that duly compensate all valid parties. Regardless, I will gladly and promptly remove the track from this corner of the interweb if asked to do so by any individual or entity with due authority to do so.)