Spectrum Check

For the most part, we writers are allowed to pick the films we review for Spectrum Culture. There are limitations, of course, especially for those of us who live in more remote areas that don’t offer advance screenings of major releases for critics. Still, every week afford us the opportunity to peruse the vast array of new movies coming out, picking the title we’d like to cover. I was a little uncertain when looking at my choices for this week, finally narrowing it down to two different options. I finally asked my partner in all things to help me settle the matter. She astutely asked, “Which one will be more fun to write on?”

That tale of process in meant to indicate that I didn’t select A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III on the basis of high expectations for entertaining art. I figured if it was half the disaster it appeared to be, it would be fun to write on. Turns out it’s more like twice the disaster. That’s fun too. (And, for the record, had it actually been good, a worthy follow-up to director Roman Coppola’s CQ, that also would have given me loads to work with.) We have a site policy that nothing can get less than a one on our five-point scale. I agree with that completely, but will also note that Charles Swan is bad enough to merit something more like a half-star rating.

I also contributed to our annual Oscar feature. It’s fine, I guess, but my main thoughts about the Academy Awards will show up in this space next Sunday, the day of the actual ceremony.