Spectrum Check

It was another modest week for me at Spectrum Culture. I only had one full piece go up there, a review of the new album from the Gaslight Anthem. When I was younger, I found it odd that there weren’t more bands emulating Bruce Springsteen, given his significant success. Now that there are a couple who clearly use his music as a touchstone, I actually find it just as strange. His distinctive sound, fueled by rock ‘n’ roll bombast, seems to be harder for bands to transcend than, say, that of the Velvet Underground, which dozens upons dozens of groups adopted, especially during the eighties, only to merge it into some new and distinct.

I also expended a few words about The Hunger Games for this week’s List Inconsequential. I’ll admit, though, that the image chosen to top the full article almost made me wish I’d chosen Deep Blue Sea instead.