Na na na na na na sorrow, everything’s gonna be all right

I live in Asheville, North Carolina. For the fourth straight year, Asheville has shared or won outright the title of Beer City USA for four years running, which makes an awful lot of sense considering there are a multitude of firstrate craft breweries within a fifteen minute drive of our front door. Besides the homegrown brewers, within the past few months it’s been announced that New Belgium, Sierra Nevada and Oskar Blues have all announced that they’ll be opening new facilities in the area to handle their respective East coast operations. With all that activity, and the accompanying growing suspicion that the beer culture will drive tourism for the foreseeable future, the city will be host to Asheville Beer Week for the first time, which, in keeping with the sorts of rigorous mathematical prowess that can be expected from tipsy individuals, will actually last eleven days.

Tonight was the kick-off to the event, and we wound up with quite a haul of loot:

However, this wasn’t some bounty of goods that were bestowed upon us as part of the celebration. Instead, these are items that we won in a silent auction for a good cause connected to very sad occurrence.

There’s a lot to be excited about in that array, but the truest prize may be this beauteous pair:

Those are a couple of small-batch bottles from Highland Brewing, the outfit that arguably started it all here when it began operations almost twenty years ago. Turning the bottles around serves to emphasize just how small these batches are:

These eleven days are bound to be quite a week.