Spectrum Check

The vast majority of the time, the reviewers at Spectrum Culture choose the material we write on, which means we sometimes build our own trends as writers. For example, I’ve already regularly claimed Vivian Girls and associated acts (including writing about the new Best Coast soon). Turns out I’ve also inadvertently developed a specialty for writing about movies centered on French prostitutes. Last fall, extremely positive festival buzz led me to ask for Bertrand Bonello’s House of Pleasures. Now my willingness to follow Juliette Binoche just about anywhere led to a a more modern exploration of that particular European subculture. The correlation was clear enough to earn me some teasing from the site’s editor-in-chief.

I also contributed a music review this week, writing about the new album from Josh Tillman, delivered under a new name. I don’t have much to add to what I wrote, except maybe to note that it might be the best album I’ve heard so far this year.