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Top 40 Smash Taps: “Tell Her She’s Lovely”

These posts are about the songs that can accurately claim to crossed the key line of chart success, becoming Top 40 hits on Billboard, but just barely. Every song featured in this series peaked at number 40. “Tell Her She’s

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College Countdown: CMJ Top 50 Albums of 2001, 42 and 41

42. Ben Folds, Rockin’ the Suburbs I was an early adopter of the music of Ben Folds. I read a review of the debut album from Ben Folds Five in CMJ New Music Monthly back in the day when I

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Spectrum Check

Given my well-reported excursion to central Wisconsin to dive headlong into pop minutiae, I didn’t have much spare time to contribute to Spectrum Culture. In fact, the only words I strung together were for our monthly mixtape feature, writing about

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One for Friday: The Sundays, “Don’t Tell Your Mother”

Across all the various concerts and liver performances that I’ve seen over the years, I maintain that I’ve seen two genuine encores, two instances in which the band was done for the night and the enthusiasm of the crowd drew

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Top Fifty Films of the 70s — Number Thirty-Seven

#37 — Day for Night (François Truffaut, 1973) Auteur theory was first posited in the mid-nineteen-fifties in the pages of Cahiers du cinéma, advocated most persuasively by a young French film critic named François Truffaut. Suggesting the director should be

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Deep in the woods a funeral is swinging

Cabin in the Woods, the new collaboration between Buffyverse compatriots Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, positions itself as a cheeky deconstruction of the horror movie. At it’s very best moments, and they are plentiful, it achieves something more: it becomes

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Perfect Hours

Finally home. Still exhausted. I can’t believe it’s another year before I get to do that again.

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