It felt like I had a far busier week with Spectrum than I actually did, but I know it’s because I was also scrambling to get ready for everything that needs to be written in the week ahead. In terms of what went up, my output was fairly modest. I had a new film review up, evaluating a documentary that managed to provide a breakneck recap of the evolution of the New York City club scene before segueing into a true crime story with unexpected doses of lurid elements. It’s one of those documentaries that can succeed by simply telling its story with moderate effectiveness. It surely does that, but someone needed to step in and say, “Let’s scrap these cheap computer effects.”

I also reviewed the new album from the Dum Dum Girls. I think I did a good enough job, but the record strikes me as one that could use a focused revisit somewhere down the road. I have a suspicion that the new release from the band could be really, really good. If so, this album will be interesting from the standpoint of seeing the beginnings of a transition. Then again, I could be completely wrong and there will be a few more irresistible singles from the band before they peter out. Either route is entirely plausible.

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