Spectrum Check

My posted work came entirely from the movie beat this week. I started with a French film that was a little wisp of of a thing. It may have sometimes felt like a foreign film softened into an American sitcom but it also featured Gérard Depardieu, who remains a marvelous actor, at least in his mother tongue, despite his recent unseemly exploits that made him the fodder for silly jokes.

I also reviews a documentary about the Black Power Movement of the late-sixties and early-seventies. It had some basic structural flaws, but much of the footage was amazing. Angela Davis, in particular, comes across as a wildly charismatic figure. A strong documentary that’s just about her is greatly needed.

Finally, I made my first contribution to the new round in our ongoing Oeuvre series, this time tracking through the films of Samuel Fuller. He’s one of those towering old figures of Hollywood that the cool kids gravitate towards, but I’m woefully incomplete in my viewings of his work so this will be a perfect impetus for me to play catch-up. As it rolls along, I was also finally get the chance to review a Burt Reynolds movie for the site.