The inventions in this entry are utilized in Fantastic Four #40 (July 1965)

TV EYE. The cutting edge in surveillance equipment, the TV Eye is a levitating sphere approximately six inches in diameter. It is equipped with a video camera which can be programmed to find specific targets, even on a bustling New York City street. It is launched from a modified gunmetal rifle, which is equipped with viewfinder that allows for surreptitious viewing. It’s doggedness upon acquiring its target is unparalleled. As Richards himself notes, “Once it zeroes in on a subject, there’s no way to outrun it.”

ELECTRIC HEADQUARTERS DEFENSE APPARATUS. Working in concert with automatic scanners, the defense apparatus provides the highest level of security for any sensitive workspace. Upon detecting an intruder, the system unleashing a barrage of systematically programmed blasts of energy which are bright enough to be blinding, and strong to render steel and metal statues into melted slag.

MODEL ROCKET SHIP. As with the products of all great inventors, inadvertent uses sometimes emerge. This item began as merely a prototype model of a full-scale interstellar craft until necessity provided just the mothering required to demonstrate its effectiveness as a weapon. A simple remote control gives a user the ability to guide the airborne, disc-like like device which measures approximately two feet in diameter. The model uses liquid fuel, which can be deployed as a rocket fire blast when the small ship accelerates. The remote control is also equipped with a “Destruct” button.

STAIRWAY ATTACK SYSTEM. More innovations in business security. With the press of a button, an entire stairway will explode, causing interlopers to regret their decision to forgo the elevator.

THE STIMULATOR. A truly formidable device, The Stimulator is a cannon-like device, which is significantly large, but can be handled and transported by a single person.


It emits a series of rays that can restore superhuman powers to those who’ve found their abilities waning for natural reasons or nefarious manipulations. The heavy, banded barrel is held together in part by large coils, which can also serve as a viewfinder when firing the device.

IN-FLOOR REFRIGERATION UNIT. An incredibly fast-acting device, the chiller embedded in the floor emits an arctic blast through vents, expertly camouflaged to match the tiling on the floor.

ff40 4

The unit is operated by a durable lever at floor level. It is equipment that should be used cautiously, as anyone standing above the vent when it is activated will be completely frozen.

Images provided (unwittingly) by fellow scholars.

(Posted simultaneously to “Jelly-Town!”)

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